Visceral Fat Exercise : The Best Way To Eliminate This Dangerous Fat

Here’s how you can lose weight and trim your belly fat by doing visceral fat exercise regularly. There is no doubt that more and more Americans are getting obese every year and the situation is getting worse. Many are carrying these extra belly fats where large chunks of the total belly fat are of visceral fat type that is very dangerous to health.

Visceral fat that is hidden deep in the belly and wraps around internal organs is not only a health hazard, but it is also very hard to lose. Due to the body’s preference for storing excess energy as fat, losing this particularly dangerous visceral fat can be a real headache for many.

visceral fat exercise

Performing Visceral Fat Exercise

Fortunately getting rid of visceral fat is not at all impossible. Studies have shown that visceral fat is the first kind of fat to be lost when one is losing weight through exercise. As the body favors the burning of visceral fat with each increased physical activity compared to other fat types such as subcutaneous fat, the type of fat found right under the skin, losing visceral fat is possible with visceral fat exercise.

Visceral fat exercises are any regular exercise that is intense enough that you could actually feel your heart rate increasing and preferably with sweat. However, doing light exercises is not as effective in eliminating visceral fat.

Experiments conducted on a group of middle aged men and women have shown that by working out on the treadmill every day for a period of 8 months with each day averaging a running distance of one and a half miles, one is able to prevent the accumulation of visceral fat in the body. Another similar experiment conducted on the same settings except that the running distance for each day is increased to two and a half miles instead.

The results have shown that not only the accumulation of visceral fat is prevented, there is also a steady decrease in the amount of visceral fat within the body. On average, each participant registered a lose of 1 percent of visceral fat per month. Experiment conducted on another group of participants who did not exercise at all actually saw an increase in visceral fat accumulation over the same course.

The Results

Although the results have proven that losing visceral fat is possible through visceral fat exercise, much efforts are needed. Experts have all agreed that by performing regular exercise such as brisk walking or running for at least half an hour a day can gradually reduce the amount of visceral fat in the body over time.

The first ever evidence of losing visceral fat that many people notice is the reduction of the waist size and that their pants now fit better. Read visceral fat measurement to find out how you can estimate how much visceral fat you are carrying.

visceral fat exercises

Visceral fat exercises such as brisk walking and running are great.

Besides performing regular exercise, one should also watch their diet carefully. There is no point losing visceral fat by performing regular exercise while at the same time consuming foods high in fat, particularly saturated and trans-fat. These promote the storage of visceral fat in the body which have could bring many implications to health. Find out all about visceral fat dangers too.

So the bottom line is, if you know that you are carrying a fair amount of visceral fat within your body, your best solution would be to increase your physical activity by doing visceral fat exercises regularly.


  1. Tim Conway says:

    “There is no point losing visceral fat by performing regular exercise while at the same time consuming foods high in fat, particularly saturated and trans fat. These promote the storage of visceral fat in the body which have could bring many implications to health.”

    Is there any proof that eating food high in fat, saturated or not, causes storage of ANY type of fat in the body. I know almost everyone assumes it is true, but is there any proof?

  2. Jules says:

    Low carb, moderate protein, high fat, ketogenic way of living! Look it up ☺️ This is my 2nd attempt at it. The first time worked really well but I let myself down, although I have to say the weight gain was slow. Then I had a health scare (pre diabetes) I rebooted the same way of eating and l have a completely different attitude this time. Basically burning the carbs for energy is replaced by burning the HEALTHY FAT which is more sustainable, for energy. There’s a few websites with really good info on good fats but also on fats to avoid! You may feel crappy for a few days while your body is making the switch….. ketosis. Doing it properly you shouldn’t get hungry. If you have medical issues you need to get professional advice. Look into it thoroughly before starting, because it’s (for me anyway) quite hard to stick with for the first couple of months but now it’s so much easier, I’m hoping not to go to my old eating habits because I may not get another chance!

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