Visceral Fat Dangers : What You Must Know!

Experts have revealed that visceral fat which collects around the abdomen area has dangerous implications towards health. Among the most evident visceral fat dangers are elevating blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, high insulin levels, diabetes, high triglycerides, Alzheimer’s disease and even some type of cancers.

Since visceral fat is hard to reach as it wraps around your internal organs such as your liver and kidneys, it could potentially disrupt the organ’s functionality leading to all kinds of health problems. In fact, visceral fat dangers are very severe to health as it is the most dangerous kind of fat that is present in the body. Hence it is very important to lose visceral fat before any of these health problems strike.

visceral fat dangers


Visceral Fat Dangers

Scientists have been studying whether there is a link between diseases and the type of fat accumulated in the body. It is widely believed that visceral fat secretes more inflammatory molecules compared to other fats and that fatty acids are secreted close to the liver causing numerous health problems. These excess fatty acids released could cause insulin resistance in the liver, and an insulin resistance liver would in turn triggers a number of health problems.

In addition, the liver also releases more cholesterol into the bloodstream. These cholesterol could potentially develop into plaque in the artery walls over the years thereby gradually blocking the blood flow in the arteries. A blocked artery could cause sudden rupture or blood clot causing heart attack or stroke.


Health Risks Of Visceral Fat Accumulation

Despite the many visceral fat dangers to health caused by these excess fat in the body, it is still unclear how much of a risk does visceral fat contribute to health. Other fat such as subcutaneous fat that can be found right under the skin is also a great contributor to health problems. Although not as great as visceral fat, subcutaneous fat can also raise a person’s risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Typically, in a slightly overweight middle aged man, about 20 percent of his total body fat is of visceral fat type. If the person’s visceral fat tends to accumulate around the waist (android obesity), the person is at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, has lower growth hormone, lower testosterone hormone levels, and higher cortisol secretion.

However, a similar overweight person with low to normal visceral fat levels on the other hand, is not at risk. Learn about simple visceral fat measurement you can perform at home to get an idea of how much visceral fat you are carrying around each day.


Hence, visceral fat dangers towards one’s health are a really big problem. Scientists have been working round the clock to find a solution to rid these dangerous health implications. In the meantime, the best you can do is to perform exercise regularly to lose visceral fat.


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